Monday, November 20, 2006

Animal of the Week November 20, 2006 -- Don't step on my blue suede flippers

Hello Ani-freaks

Sometimes, I'd just like to leave you with a picture. And ideally this would be one of those weeks. But then regular readers know that I don't know when to leave well-enough alone.

This week's animal is Eudyptula minor (fairy penguin, little penguin, little blue penguin, or Kororā). The smallest species of penguin is a resident of New Zealand and southern Australia. Rescued fairy penguins in the Antarctic Center in Christchurch, New Zealand, have been spending too much time hanging out on the shingle flexing their wings, rather than swimming in their pool. Their idle posing has led to calluses on their feet, and these natty little daps have been developed along with a regimen of saltwater footbaths to cure their foot injuries in preparation for their return to the wild.

Unendangered, widespread, and a popular tourist attraction, the fairy penguin is one of the luckier animals featured in animal of the week. However, one threat to the fairy penguin is that of rebranding. In April this year, staff at Sea World, Queensland, Australia, were planning to rename fairy penguins as they felt the name might offend gay men... or fairies as they are clearly more popularly known.

Anyway, wouldn't bother this one, look how chuffed it is with its new shoes. Definitely a female.

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At 5:10 PM, Blogger animaloftheweek said...

It has been pointed out to me that, the people at Queensland Sea World who wanted to rename penguins to avoid offence to gay men might have started with their state's own name before wishing to rebrand the fairy penguins.


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