Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Robins not nightingales -- non AOTW

Picture this, London 1998, in my second year as a Zoology student at UCL I lived in the delightful NW area of Kilburn, it's delightful now with many nice bars and eateries and the marvellous music venue The Luminaire, it wasn't so nice then, and even worse to the north, appropriately up Shoot Up Hill, was the borough of Cricklewood -- or gangster and skag central as it was then.
One night, on may way back from, erm, some late night study, I fell asleep on the night bus only to wake up in the aforementioned Cricklewood. Now, it was late, buses were infrequent, and I was, erm, confused. My failsafe way to navigate home was by the sound of birdsong because there was a robin that sang all night outside my window.
The clear light of day made me realise that this was a foolish thing to have done as there must have been thirty or more robins along my walk home, nonetheless, the clear light of day found me curled up in my bed. For I had successfully navigated home by the sound of the robin's song.
Thank god for noise pollution during the day, for this is the latest explanation for why robins sing throughout the night. Many people think it is nightingales, but you only get them in Berkley Sq, they are too posh for elsewhere in London.

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